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Hello, I’m Fiona, a British-born mum of two, living in Southern Sweden. It was my daughter’s inherent love of animals that originally inspired me to create Ellie and Lion, along with the desire to make minimalist, considered clothes for children that are beautiful to look at and practical to wear. 

I wanted our clothing to include simple animal motifs that were a little different from the usual caricatures you so often see. All of our motifs and print patterns are designed by me or made exclusively for Ellie and Lion by independent designers. The animals are drawn by hand before being digitised, which creates a clean, contemporary effect whilst retaining their true features, making them as cool as they are cute. 

Giving back has been part of our ethos since day one. We’re proud that we can play a small part in helping the planet through our efforts to offset our carbon footprint with our ongoing donations to the non-profit organisation, Wildhood Foundation. And when it comes to our clothing, we believe in sustainability and not seasonality (we don’t follow fashion seasons or trends). 

Our pieces are unisex, made with the highest quality fabric, in the calmest of colour palettes. I think it’s fair to say that over the years, Ellie and Lion’s animal kingdom has become just as loved by style-conscious parents, as it has their little ones.

 Fiona, founder of Ellie and Lion