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World Environment Day

Posted by Fiona Di Carlo on
World Environment Day

Hello friends! 

Today is World Environment Day and it couldn’t be a better time to share with you how we have committed to creating a brand that values sustainability, fair trade and of course, the highest quality organic clothing for your little ones.


We are aware of the rapidly changing climate our planet faces and our mission as a children’s clothing brand, is to take full responsibility to reduce our impact on this planet in every way possible.


How do we do this?

  1. All of our packaging from production house through to consumer is compostable or re-usable.
  2. We often use left-over organic fabric stocked in our production house from previous collections.
  3. All our clothing us made from the highest quality GOTS certified organic cotton.
  4. The dye we use for the fabrics, also fulfill eco-friendly criteria. 
  5. Our production house, meets the highest environmental requirements and supports fair trade for its employees in the workplace.
  6. We embrace slow fashion. We only make in small quantities, and would never throw away imperfect pieces. They get sold in outlet sales or donated to charity. No wastage.
  7. We have commited to donating proceeds from every sale to support a wildlife organisation. Our current campaign, Face The Animals, helps to protect endangered animals against poaching, trafficking and illegal trade. You can read more about our work with Wildhood Foundation here.


We are extremely proud of the work we do and the values we stand for. After all, there is only one planet earth. Please help us share this year’s United Nations slogan and raise our voice #ForNature. 


Thanks for reading!


Fiona x


Founder of Ellie and Lion






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